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Welcome to Nutrition Explorations! First posts are always tough to write, so I’ll be fairly brief. I want this blog to be a journey. I have no idea where it’s going to go, but I hope it will be fun.

My next adventure is embarking on the Whole30 by Whole9. It’s a 30-day challege based on the Paleo diet, the diet where you eat “hunter-gatherer” food. Meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils, nothing processed or weird, or unpronouneable. I will be documenting my personal experience with the challenge; maybe you’d like to join me?

This is a very different experience for me. I’ve tried very specific diets before, but nothing so simple, and made so completely up of real food instead of “diet” food. I’m very excited, but nervous. However, I feel it’s an important step for me in becoming the most healthy I can possibly be.

The other new journey I’m beginning is starting my own coaching business. I’m very excited but also very nervous. It’s exciting to be starting something this big, but at the same time I wonder if I will be successful.

Finally, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions as to what you’d like to see on this blog, feel free to email me! If you’ve tried Paleo or Whole30, I’d love to hear about your experience.

Looking forward to the journey,



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